Launching “MANA VEDIKA” on May 21st, 2016…

A few years back, we had a good start with “CITA” and we had enjoyed several events under “CITA”. Since then, we have been supporting other Telugu organizations that have happened for great cause and to showcase talented Telugu individual/Group performances.

However, we see an opportunity to re-organize and re-energize the Des Moines Telugu community. Under a new committee, “Mana Vedika” is launching a platform for Des Moines Telugu Community with a focus on Social & Cultural activities to recognize Telugu community talent, encourage community service, support each other, and bring visibility to our strong community.

We are planning our first Major & Ground breaking event in July. We sincerely request your support and active participation in building a great reputation to our Community.

Please see the attached Flyer/Video for further details.

Mana Vedika committee.