Competition Rules:

1) Colors, muggu,flowers ,etc allowed (No chalk drawing , no tools allowed)
2) Start time : sharp 11:00am ends 1:00pm on Oct 16th – maximum time allowed 2hrs
3) Approximately 6 feet X 6 feet will be allowed to each team . Additional space around the rangoli to move around will also allocated.
4) Up to 10 Points will be awarded in the following categories Color , complexity , finesse ,creativity ( a total of 40 points max) .
5) Team hopping is not allowed once competetion starts
6) First, second and third prize winners will be selected based on number of points secured.
7) Anyone above 10 years old will be considered as a participant ( i.e $5 fee)

8) You are allowed to use reference material like books , printouts ..etc

Come, join us in celebrating the rich and colorful heritage from the land of Bharat. As a part of this, the Telugu organization “ MANA VEDIKA” in association with HTCC proudly presents “ RAGOLI CONTEST (MUGGULA POTI) “ – a Rangoli contest on the 16th of October at the temple DECK.

Entries can be submitted from October 1st as an individual or a group of 2-4 people. There will be a grand prize for the winner sponsored by HTCC. Entry fee will be $5 for each person. Participants will be responsible for all the material needed for their Muggu/Rangoli. Every entry will be given a set standard space.The entries must be sent to and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis due to space limitations. Judging will be done on the basis of patterns,complexity,color combinations and finesse.

Mana Vedika will also be doing lunch service as a part of fund raising for the temple. Please come and join us in this fun event.



Hoping to see you all there!!

Your Mana Vedika team & HTCC